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World Cancer Day 2021 – Early Diagnosis Early Recovery | Anzen Exports

February 4, 2021by Anzen_Exports0

The time to act against cancer is NOW! Project Cancer launched by Union for International Cancer Control envisages the rise of the death rate due to this disease to be about to be 13 million from 10 million, by 2030. Hence, this 4th Feb, World Cancer Day, we have to stand strong to fight against this malignant disease. Cancer is fatal, however, not a terminal disease, if treated at the right time. One-third of the cases can be prevented and another third is curable on early detection. Enormous research and innovation have fetched extraordinary breakthroughs in medical science, which has opened up a new genre in the treatment of cancer. (1)

Some Facts to Cynosure

10 million patients are perishing every year across the globe; a number that higher than the death rate of HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria. The Cancer Research Institute is investing a hundred million dollars to augment the research on prevention, cure, and awareness of cancer. They have appointed more than 3,400 clinicians and scientists to research the immune system and the processes to harness it to conquer this fatal ailment. 65% of deaths due to cancer are happening due to the delay in diagnosis and treatment. (2)

UICC or Union for International Cancer Control is celebrating The World Cancer 2021 by uniting the community to reduce the global cancer burden. It promotes its campaign as I AM and I Will. They are collectively examining the resilience of the community suffering from cancer and face future challenges. (3)

By raising awareness and education for the public at the political, social, and corporate level, we can dispel myths, reduce fear, increase insight, waive misconceptions related to cancer and make a difference.

What is Cancer & What are its Causes?

Cancer is the abnormal and humongous growth of malignant cells, which infiltrate the tissues of the body. It can also invade organs and multiply the growth of malignant cells. These cells become malignant by mutations in their DNA structure. Causes are:

  • Inherited defects in the gene
  • Infections
  • Environmental pollution
  • Lifestyle disorders
  • Exposure to toxic, chemical compounds
  • Ionizing radiation
  • Pathogens

A common tendency of cancer is metastasis or metastatic spread from one body part to another, from its origin point. Also read- International Day Against Breast Cancer – 19th Oct

Types of Cancer

More than 200 types of cancer exist. According to a report generated by National Cancer Institute in 2016, some of the frequently found cases and estimated death rates caused by those are:

Bladder Cancer 76,960 16,390
Breast Cancer affecting male & female 246,660 to 2,600 40,450 to 440
Colorectal Cancer 1,34,490 49,190
Endometrial Cancer 60,050 10,470
Renal & Pelvic Cancer 62,700 14,240
Leukaemia 60,140 24,400
Lung Cancer 2,24,390 1,58,080
Skin Cancer 76,380 10,130
Lymphoma Cancer 72,580 20,150
Pancreatic Cancer 53,070 41,780
Prostate Cancer 1,80,890 26,120
Thyroid Cancer 64,300 1,980


Breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and cancer in the genital area are some common cases among women. If the symptoms can be analysed and treated at an early stage, then it may reduce a major part of the global burden caused due to cancer.

Leukaemia, or cancer in blood cells, is one of the most crucial ones. The leukaemia symptoms are slow and gradual. Its treatment is also variable and aggressive.

Colorectal cancer, colon, or rectum cancer, affect almost 1 out of 21 men and 1 out of 23 women in a lifetime. It is the third leading cause of cancer. (4)

How to Diagnose Cancer?

Lumps on any body part may indicate a tumour that can turn malignant at any point in time. Hence, one should take immediate medical assistance. Laboratory tests, biopsy, and imaging tests can diagnose cancer.


The primary treatment has an objective to remove the cancerous cell. Some treatment procedures:

  • Surgery – Taking out the cancerous cells is effective, especially when any organ gets malignant.
  • Radiation therapy – Using high power external energy beam radiations can kill cancerous cells.
  • Chemotherapy – This process is executed by using heavily compliant drugs to kill cells.
  • Bone marrow transfusion – Its other name is stem cell transplantation. It is most effective in the case of leukaemia, as bone cells are made inside the bone marrow. Replacing it with bone marrow from a healthy donor can cease the growth of malignant cells.
  • Immunotherapy – This a biological therapy that strengthens the immune system to attack and treat cancer.
  • Hormone therapy – Some hormones foster cancer, like breast cancer and prostate cancer. Eliminating hormones effective on these glands cease the growth of cancer cells (5)

Oncological Medicines

Anzen Exports is trading more than 22 active pharmaceutical ingredients for oncological medicines to 611 companies across 65 countries in the world. Some of the main products we distribute are:


A. Antimucositis Rutoside
B. Antineoplastic agents Irinotecan HCl
C. Bladder, kidney and other urologic cancers Sunitinib
D. Brain cancer,  head and neck cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer and neuroblastoma Carboplatin
E. Chemotherapeutic agents Azacitidine
Diminazene Aceturate
Gemcitabine HCl
F. Colorectal cancer Oxaliplatin
G. Hormone therapy Letrozole
H. Leukemias, lymphomas and other hematologic cancers Romidepsin
I. Multiple myeloma Bortezomib
J. Prostate cancer Cabazitaxel
K. Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) Temsirolimus


Taking over-the-counter medicines related to cancer is a high risk. One should consult a doctor and take medicines as advised by your oncologist.

This 4th Feb, let us all take an initiative for #IAmAndIWill to prevent cancer and exterminate benign malignancy. Early diagnosis can help us achieve early recovery or prevention.


Anzen Exports’ blog posts are based just on our research from cited websites. To be best informed, we advise consulting a doctor about an ingredient or medicine prior to taking it.


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