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International Day Against Breast Cancer - 19th Oct | Anzen Exports

October 19, 2020by Anzen_Exports0

Breast cancer awareness
Breast cancer awareness can enhance the survival rate by obtaining the right treatment at right time. International day against breast cancer aims at increasing attention for early detection and providing clinical care to the patients. Worldwide it is considered as the second eminent type of cancer causing death in women

Each year 1.38 million cases are diagnosed, out of which 4,58,000 patients perish,revealed the World Health Organization in a report published in 2008, IARC Globocan. Due to increasing urbanization, life expectancy, and a sedentary lifestyle, this disease has taken a growth curve in low and middle socio-economic countries. Curative breast cancer treatment can be done in the early stages, however, a little delay, even a weak’s delay, can lead to fatality.(1)

What is Breast Cancer?

This is an ailment that refers to the condition, where the cells in the breast grow out abruptly. Breast cancer can be classified based on the cell type, which has turned cancerous. To understand vividly, one must know the different parts of the breast.

  • Lobules – Glands that produce milk.
  • Ducts – Tubes transports milk to the nipple.
  • Connective Tissue – Fibrous and fatty tissues, which holds the entire organ together.

Mostly, cancer occurs in ducts and lobules. However, when it spreads from the breast to other parts of the body through blood and lymph vessels it is called metastatic cancer or secondary breast cancer. Breast cancer causes are not yet not predictable, though it is curable. (2)

Types of Breast Cancer

There are many variations in breast cancers. Two major and most common types prevailing are:

  • Invasive Ductal Carcinoma or Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma – In this case, carcinoma cells develops in milk ducts and also invades tissues and fibrous parts. (3)
  • Invasive Lobular Carcinoma – Cancerous cells expands in the lobules or the milk producing gland. It has potential to spread to lymph nodes and other body parts too. (4)

Some other types are:

  • Inflammatory breast cancer – In this disease, lymph vessel in the breast’s skinis blocked by cancer cells. This swells the breast due to inflammation. (5)
  • Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS) – The cells, which are on the lining of the ducts become malignant. It is non-invasive and pre-invasive. (6)

Some common breast cancer symptoms are:

  • Swelling or lumps on the breast and armpit that can be felt or seen.
  • Change in the skin of the breast like dimpling or puckering.
  • Inflammation and red colouring of the breast.
  • Nipple gets pulled in or inverted in shape.
  • Crusting and rashes around the circumference of the nipple.
  • Change in size or shape of the breast.
  • Increased number of visible veins in any one of the breasts.

Pain in the breast is not always a symptom. However, consulting a doctor is advisable.

How Can Someone Touch & Check Own Breast?
  • Touch to feel if any lump or unusualness is felt.
  • Look if any changes in color or shape are observed.
  • Check with the physician for any doubt or any change. (7)
Risk Factors
  • Genetic factors.
  • Menarche before 12 years.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • First childbirth after 30 years.
  • Overweight.
  • Hormonal problem.


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Breast Cancer Day 2020

For COVID19 more than 2 million women are unable to obtain the vital screening test for breast cancer. On Breast Cancer Day 2020 let us all endeavour to keep breast cancer services on track.

Pink ribbon stands for breast cancer day. Let us armour ourselves with this fanciful color in preserving the feminine pride with health and vigour. For breast cancer prevention maintain a healthy lifestyle and follow clinical guidance.

Together we can make a difference in curing this fatal disease!


Anzen Exports’ blog posts are based just on our research from cited websites. To be best informed, we advise consulting a doctor about an ingredient or medicine prior to taking it.

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