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What is Menthol & its Various Uses? | Anzen Exports

March 17, 2021by Anzen_Exports0

Menthol is extracted from Mentha longifolia and Mentha arvensis. It has an array of medicinal benefits on the gastrointestinal system and nervous system. Menthol is antimicrobial, antispasmodic, carminative, and stimulant. It is an effective counter-irritant, rubefacient, and a local anaesthetic. (1)

Apart from this definition, there is much more when it comes to answering the question what is menthol? In short, it is an olfactory agent used in various types of cosmetics, mouth freshener, liquors, etc. Pulegone is an organic compound in this plant that is rich in pharmacological potency. It can also be produced synthetically by the process of thymol hydrogenation. (2)

How Does The Menthol Plant Looks Like?

Menthol plant grows abundantly in Mediterranean regions such as Asia, Europe, and Africa. This creping rhizome with creeping stems grows up to 40 to 120 cm in height. Oblong elliptical lanceolate sized leaves densely embellish the tree in greyish-green to white colour. (3)

Which Part of Menthol Plant has Medicinal Value?

In traditional folk medicine, all parts of the menthol plant are advantageous – the seeds, roots, stem, bark, leaves, and flower. The essential oil of the plant has versatile usages. The apex of the leaf has inflorescence, which is obtained by the method of crystallization. (4)

Mechanism of Action as Analgesic

Menthol is present in many freshening products as it induces a cool and tingling sensation. This plant also has local anaesthetic properties that confer an analgesic effect. It blocks the Ca2+ channel, binds with TRPM8253,257 and K-opioid receptors.

Moreover, its topical permeation enhancer formulation helps the drugs to reach the nerve endings with the help of micro-emulsion. 8% w/w of menthol promotes 2.9 fold of augmented transdermal flux. This helps in instant pain management and severe burning.

Menthol is a counter irritant, which confers a cool and warm sensation on the skin and mucous membrane. Therefore, it relieves pain and controls swelling and inflammation.

Menthol works similarly to salicylate medicine. It relieves aches in joints, muscles, and tendons. (5)

How Does Menthol Serve as a Flavour-Characterizing Additive?

FDA approves menthol generally recognized as safe ingredient (GRAS). TPSAC or Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee introduced cigarettes with menthol to cater to the connoisseur’s crave for flavoured cigarettes.

Some studies suggest when nicotine combined with menthol inhibits signal irritation that arises from smoking. Also, menthol lowers the harness and bitter taste of tobacco. Those thriving on a mentholated cigarette can quit the smoking habit easier than the one having only a tobacco based cigarette.

What is mentha piperita is a frequently asked question when it comes to food additives. It is a sterile hybrid species of menthol plant, which is a commercial herb with aromatic efficacy. Oil distillation is a process of distillation to derive mentha piperita. Piperita has a flavouring impact on confectionaries, chewing gums, baked foods, alcoholic beverages, and a lot more. (6)

Some of the Other Benefits of Menthol

  • Relaxes sore throats
  • Relieves headache, symptoms of fever, cough, etc.
  • Stabilizes emotion
  • Boost immunity Also Read- Curcumin, The Miracle Immunity Ingredient
  • Relieves sinus discomfort
  • Eliminates age spots, dark spots, and makes skin clear, firmer, smooth, and radiant
  • Makes hair stronger, longer, and retains natural lustre. It repairs damaged hair, produces excess sebum to fight against pollution, and eradicates lice. (7)

Methanol Extracts

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Anzen Exports’ blog posts are based just on our research from cited websites. To be best informed, we advise consulting a doctor about an ingredient or medicine prior to taking it.


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