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Mango Butter: the aromatic elixir for immunity, healthy heart and skin | Anzen Exports

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Mango Butter, as the name suggests, is derived from the seed of the mango fruit. It goes by several names, the most popular of which being Mango Kernel Fat and Mango Oil. It is a light yet rich and conditioning natural fat that provides long-lasting effects whether it is used internally or externally. It is usually extracted by cold pressing the de-shelled mango seeds. These seeds, extremely rich in oil content, are placed inside a hydraulic press machine and then subject to high pressure and friction to release their oil content.(1)

Mango Butter: the aromatic elixir for immunity, healthy heart and skin


Mango Butter offers diverse health and wellness benefits. (2, 3)

  • It is widely used to enhance the body’s immunity.
  • It is known to strengthen the heart and improve brain activity.
  • When applied directly to the skin, its moisturizing property nourishes and hydrates the skin, bolstering its elasticity and suppleness.
  • Boasting a high content of Vitamin C, mango butter stimulates collagen production, which plays a pivotal role in supporting the skin, fortifying the bones and keeping the joints in good shape.
  • Its therapeutic properties help to restore skin affected by itching, stinging, burning and stretch marks.
  • Used in hair, it is known to strengthen and nourish the hair follicles as well as reduce hair fall.
  • Popularly used as a medicine, it facilitates the process of eliminating toxins from the skin. It enables the skin tissues to ward off the harmful effects of pollution and prevents signs of ageing.
  • It is a rich source of mangiferin, an antioxidant that can minimize cell damage associated with deadly diseases like cancer.

Mango Butter: the aromatic elixir for immunity, healthy heart and skin

Historically speaking

In the ancient Ayurveda system of medicine, the mango fruit has been used as a herb after tapping into its medicinal properties for centuries, especially in Asia and Southeast Asia. In the Indian subcontinent, mango has been cultivated since ancient times. The fruit was introduced to the western world in the 18th century – Brazil was the first country outside India where the trees were introduced before making their way to other nations like the West Indies and finally to the United States of America.

Today, in addition to India and the sub-continent, mango is cultivated in many nations worldwide, such as Brazil, Africa, Mexico, the Americas, the Caribbean, China, and Indonesia. (2)

Mango Butter: the aromatic elixir for immunity, healthy heart and skin


Before using this natural product, a few precautions must be adhered to, namely: (3)

  • Always ensure you consume edible mango butter and not the variety used for external uses associated with the skin and hair.
  • It might lead to rashes and other allergic reactions in some individuals, whether consumed orally or used topically.


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Anzen Export’s blog posts have been written with the information gathered from approved medical journals and websites online. Our research and technical team strive to provide relevant information through such articles. To be best informed, we advise consulting a doctor about an ingredient or medicine prior to taking it.



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