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Halquinol - A Feed Additive & Growth Promotant | Anzen Exports

November 6, 2020by Anzen_Exports2

Chemical Details of Halquinol.

Halquinol is one of the most beneficial antimicrobial compounds that are administrated to poultry and pigs. It is widely used internationally to promote better growth rates in animals and birds. It also demonstrates higher feed conversion efficiency. Predominantly it is used in Asian and Latin American countries.It actively depresses the metabolism of the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract of animals and birds, which enhances the transit time of feed in the intestine. This augments the absorption procedure of nutrients and the overall digestion system. Another Halquinol use is to prevent and treat scours in swine, which are caused by E.coli and Salmonella spp. It controls diarrhoea and wet droppings.(1)

Chemical Details

Halquinol belongs to the group of hydroxyl-quinolines that is a combined form of (2)




IUPAC name: 5,7-dichloro-8-hydroxy quinoline; 5-chloro-8-hydroxy quinoline; 7-chloro-8-hydroxy quinoline

Chemical abstract service N°: 8067-69-4; 130-16-5; 876-86-8

Halquinol Structural formula: 5,7-dichloro-8-hydroxy quinoline (5,7-DCL), 5-chloro-8-hydroxy quinoline (5-CL) and 7-chloro-8-hydroxy quinoline (7-CL)

The molecular formula of three molecular constituents of Halquinol is:

5,7-dichloro-8-hydroxy quinoline: C9H5Cl2NO

5-chloro-8-hydroxy quinoline and 7-chloro-8-hydroxy quinoline: C9H6ClNO

Molecular weight: The molecular weights of three molecular constituents of Halquinol are:

5,7-dichloro-8-hydroxy quinoline: 214.1

5-chloro-8-hydroxy quinoline and 7-chloro-8-hydroxy quinoline: 179.6

Appearance – It is a fine powder of cream to pale green hue.

Melting Point – 145-165 °C

What is Feed Additive & Growth Promotant?

Feed additives are chemical compounds that are mixed with animal food. It has several nutrient properties that improve the quality of food, health, and performance of animals. The components of these food additives provide beneficial effects on the animal and its consumer.

Growth promoters are also nutrient components that are mixed with the food of animals. It enhances the growth rate and reproduction performance. When administrated at the right dose, it is safe to use and demonstrates a high success rate. Such growth promotants supplement the required nutrient level and also treats ailments in poultry and farms animals, which left untreated, interrupt their productive level.

Benefits & Features of Halquinol
  • It is highly active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, and protozoa.
  • It has an anti-peristaltic activity that promotes the absorption of nutrients.
  • It systematically gets absorbed and works in the GI tract.
  • Any resistant development has yet not been observed.
  • It is safe to use for farm animals as well as the end consumer. (3)
Dosages Details
Animal Species Growing Stages Dosage (60% premix) kg/tone of complete feed
Swine Pre-starter & Starter 200
Grower 100
Finisher 50
Poultry Broiler 25-100
Layer 25-50
During Growth 25
Under stress 100
Under sanitary condition 100


During pregnancy, nursing, or lactation period, Halquinol injection or powder in food is not advisable.

For the dosage and withdrawal process, one must take the advice of a medical practitioner to derive the best result. (4)

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Anzen Exports’ blog posts are based just on our research from cited websites. To be best informed, we advise consulting a doctor about an ingredient or medicine prior to taking it.

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