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Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry | Anzen Exports

September 1, 2022by Anzen_Exports0

Technological advancements have transformed the pharmaceutical industry. Since 2010, we have seen remarkable growth accelerated by the digitalisation of the industry. Digital transformation means implementing various digital technologies to improve the production and distribution of healthcare products and services.

Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry

How digitalisation has impacted the pharmaceutical industry

Digitalisation has brought forward several changes in critical areas of the industry. These changes are highlighted as follows:

Improvement in drug development 

Machine learning and artificial intelligence have revolutionised the drug development market, enabling researchers to analyse the data in the systems. This analysis helps us study the drug and understand its effects.

Discovering new drugs

New drug development takes years of research, testing, and production. Machine learning has improved how various cases and components can be studied and used in drug discovery. Valuable insights can assist the researchers in eliminating the limitations in the research.

Enhancing research and development 

Research and development in healthcare can improve the industry to ensure better productivity and maintenance of drug inventory. Machine learning can be used for predictive analytics, which is helpful for clinical trials. Moreover, data sets can be maintained for a particular area, supporting the research process.

Manufacturing and operations 

With digital transformation, manufacturers can save on time and cost by improving equipment efficiency or directly purchasing new equipment. Machine-to-machine algorithms can help convert information into better and more valuable metrics. Innovation solutions can be provided to the manufacturer for automation and machine-human interaction, made possible with the integration of AI with robotics.

Improve supply chain and reduce distribution costs 

Digitalising pharmaceuticals can help reduce distribution costs. Pharmaceutical companies can easily transport and manage consignments globally and request manufacturing ingredients digitally on a portal. AI and machine learning can offer real-time insights into the value chain, which will help to make effective sales decisions. Moreover, they can also improve and monitor planning accuracy and stock maintenance.

Help achieve better patient interaction and care 

New digital portals have been introduced, which are helpful for the patients to know about any drug and its composition. These portals can be accessed through apps, online forums, and a separate portal login. Also, many pharmaceutical companies provide personalised patient care online to offer convenience. Through computer vision technology, important pharmaceutical documents such as clinical trial documents, patient reports or medical records, and lab records can be automatically digitised.

Disease assessment and treatment 

With the integration of AI, machine learning and customer relationship management systems, pharmaceutical organisations can better cater for patients with a single view channel as diagnosis, personalised treatments, customised medicines, or bespoke treatments based on the diagnosis in the patients.

Providing 24/7 virtual care 

With the introduction of chatbots in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry, the healthcare industry can provide access to patients’ queries 24/7 and answer queries instantly.

Reducing the carbon footprint 

There are several ways that pharmaceutical companies can reduce their carbon footprint and work toward the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality. Pharmaceutical waste continues to be a huge problem. More research is being done on bio-based PET to eliminate non-biodegradable single-use plastics from the supply chain. It is made from ethylene derived from sugarcane which has a negative carbon footprint, using CO2 and releasing oxygen when cultivated.

Environmental awareness is starting to extend to the syringe market, perhaps the most complicated field of primary pharmaceutical packaging. Pharmaceutical companies can design their product’s primary and secondary packaging to support compliance. It makes transport easier while simultaneously reducing the number of materials used overall, facilitating a switch to more eco-friendly alternatives. These cost-saving benefits will help the industry fulfil its social responsibilities. It also addresses the need to pioneer more sustainable manufacturing processes and produce more effective and safer medicines the entire world can afford.

Digital Transformation has improved the quality and safety standards in the healthcare sector. It has facilitated better healthcare services and is welcomed by the medical fraternity and patients.

Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry

Anzen Exports: Revolutionizing Healthcare

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