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Di Basic Calcium – various applications in medicine | Anzen Exports

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Di Basic Calcium Phosphate is a calcium phosphate with the formula CaHPO4 and its dihydrate. Also known as dicalcium phosphate, it is used as a food additive and is included in some toothpastes as an abrasive.

Di Basic Calcium – various applications in medicine

Structure of Di Basic Calcium

It is an inorganic mineral, chemically composed of Calcium ions (Ca2+) and phosphate anions in a 1:1 molar ratio. It is a white, odourless, tasteless powder or crystalline solid and occurs as monoclinic crystals.

Di Basic Calcium – various applications in medicine

Uses of Di Basic Calcium

It belongs to a family of eleven mineral compounds collectively known as Calcium phosphate. They find essential applications across the medical, geology, construction, and dentistry sectors. Depending on the production methods, the materials obtained differ in function, composition, structure, physical properties and applications.

  • Dibasic calcium phosphate is also found in calcium supplements (such as Bonexcin), such as cooked breakfast cereals, dog treats, fortified flours, and pasta products.
  • It is also used as a tabletting agent in some pharmaceuticals, including odour-eliminating products.
  • It is also found in some calcium supplements.
  • It is also used in some toothpastes as a tartar inhibitor. Farmers often supplement their feed with inorganic phosphorus. This technology compensates for the low availability and poor digestibility of dietary phosphorus. Supplementation with dicalcium phosphate produces high levels of circulating phosphorus. Many people with mineral deficiencies use supplements to give them access to calcium and phosphorus.

Di Basic Calcium Phosphate in bone grafts

Orthopaedic surgeons use dicalcium phosphate during bone grafts. This chemical closely resembles natural bone, giving doctors new options for blending synthetic and natural bone to create a strong matrix for the healing process. Synthetic bone also allows drug delivery to the healing area via nanoparticles.

Oral surgeons also use dicalcium phosphate to aid in the healing process. The body cannot tell the difference between dicalcium phosphate and natural teeth. Such biomimetics has excellent potential, given their safety profile. Dicalcium phosphate can also replace fluoride as the best way to prevent tooth decay. Manufacturers often add it to teeth whiteners as an abrasive to gently polish the teeth.

Di basic calcium phosphates are used as diluents in the pharmaceutical industry. Diluents are added to pharmaceutical tablets or capsules to make the product large enough for swallowing, handling, and more stable.

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