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Why we need it more than ever: –

World Mental Health Day (WMHD) is observed on the 10th of October every year since its inception in 1992. WMHD is particularly gained importance this year as in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, we witnessed the onslaught on the mental health of the masses and its subsequent effects. Some groups prove to be more vulnerable, (front line workers, people living alone, students and those with pre-existent mental illness) with a higher risk of being inflicted. In circumstances where the mental, neurological and substance use disorders are rampant and the concerned services to address these issues are disrupted, the situation becomes more acute. [1]


Mental Health: – In brief

Mental health comprises a significant part of the definition of well-being. Being devoid of any mental health problem does not necessary equates with being in good mental health. [4]. Being in good mental health is associated with the ability to cope with life, adhering to a role in family, community, occupation or amongst friends, and a commitment to making the most of your potential. [4]

However, mental health is subject to change. [4] Good mental health is synonymous with the ability to learn, freely express, feel and manage a variety of positive and negative emotions, to cope with changing and uncertain times, and to maintain and form relationships with others. [5]


Testament to the World

The chosen theme ‘Mental Health in an Unequal World’ is a testament to the perception of the world being entirely polarizing and characterised by growing inequality. With each glaring instance of racial, gender or sexual discrimination, mental health, and those who live with it, are at risk. [3]

Global access to mental health services is entirely skewed, as evident in the projection showing that 75% to 95% of people suffering from mental disorders residing in low and middle-income countries. This renders access to mental health services a privilege available only to a select few. [3]. Most overall health budgets fail to allocate effective funds to address mental health disparities. The stark reality is that most people with mental health illnesses do not receive treatment. [3]

Factors beyond the lack of infrastructure to address mental health disorders continue to plague the world today. There is a stigma attached to people with mental health issues, the effects of which are still felt 15 years later receiving proper care. The Covid-19 pandemic further challenges effective strategies to address mental health. [3] The pandemic poses challenges in the form of infections and illness and also manifest in the subsequent economic impact, bereavement, wide-scale unemployment and social isolation. [3]

The fight continues …

The World Health Assembly has emerged with the renewed global commitment to bolster mental health services and efforts. This global commitment comprises governments across the globe. It recognised to need to identify and implement new ways to scale up and deliver mental health care to the masses globally. This endeavour has instilled more optimism in the fight against mental health illness. [1]

World Mental Health Day must go beyond mere advocacy to raise awareness. It must be recognised as an opportunity to engage the world, empower the people within it, provide support to those who need it and take the form of action. [2]

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