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Top Herbal Sources of Vitamin C | Anzen Exports

September 10, 2020by Anzen_Exports0

What are the Herbal Sources of Vitamin c
Vitamin C rich foods have a miraculous effect on aging, healing, and immunity. They protect our cells from damage, help tissues and bones togrow and repair, support the immune system, and is highly benefits the skin. Moreover, they are antioxidants that protect our body from harm caused by free radicals (1).

Vitamin can be defined as an organic molecule or an essential micro-nutrient. There are 13 essential variations of Vitamins. Vitamin C is one of most the important types that has an array of health benefits.

The Recommended Dietary Allowance of Vitamin C

 Another name of Vitamin C is ascorbic acid. As it is a water-soluble vitamin,the body can reservea small portion of it. Hence, it is necessary to intake it regularly in order to prevent shortage and diseases related to the deficiency of Vitamin C. Water-soluble means it is readily dissolved in water and the left over amount is urinated out of the body.


Dietary Reference for Adequate Intake of Vitamin C
Age/Special Health Condition Gender Amount
0-6 months Male/Female 40 mg per day
7-12 months Male/Female 50 mg per day
1-3 years Male/Female 15 mg per day
4-8 years Male/Female 25 mg per day
9-13 years Male/Female 45 mg per day
14-18 years Female 65 mg per day
14-18 years Male 75 mg per day
Pregnant Teens Female 80 mg per day
Breastfeeding Teens Female 115 mg per day
19 years and older Female 75 mg per day
19 years and older Male 90 mg per day
Pregnant Women Female 85 mg per day
Breastfeeding Women Female 120 mg per day

 Consult your Doctor or Nutritionist for dosage details.

Easily Available Fruits and Vegetables that Contain Vitamin C

 In our regular diet,we consume many foods that have Vitamin C, as it is predominantly present in herbal extracts. Apart from that, food supplements and medicines are also available to substitute the deficiency in human beings (2).

What are the Easily Available Fruits and Vegetables that Contain Vitamin c

We already know the benefits of Vitamin C;however, it is also important to know the content of this vitamin in its various sources. Lime is one of the most widely available and cost-effective sources of Vitamin C. 1 fruit of lime of 67grams contains 19.5mg of Vitamin C. Some of the other every day foods are listed below along with their Vitamin C contents.


  • Amla – 800 mg of Vitamin C is present in per 100 gms of amla.
  • Guava – 228.3 mg of Vitamin C is in per 100 gms.
  • Green & Red Bell/Normal Pepper – 193 mg of Vitamin C is available in per 100mgs
  • Papaya – 140 mg of Vitamin C is present in 1 cup of ripen papaya.
  • Spinach – 130mg of Vitamin C is available in per 100mgs.
  • Kiwi – 92.7 mg of Vitamin C is there per 100mgs.
  • Broccoli/Brussels Sprout/Cauliflower – 89 mg of Vitamin C can be derived from per 100mgs.
  • Strawberries – 60 mg of Vitamin C is there per 100mgs.
  • Orange – 53.2 mg of Vitamin C is there per 100mgs.
  • Pineapple – 47.8mg of Vitamin C is present in per 100 gms of pineapples.
  • Cabbage – 36.6mg of Vitamin C is available in per 100mgs.
  • Turnip Greens – 21mg of Vitamin C is available in per 100mgs.
  • Tomatoes – 13.7 mg per 100 gms.
Is Vitamin C a Remedy for Common Cold?

Is Vitamin C a Remedy for Common Cold
Research shows that people who are taking herbal sources of Vitamin C with a regular diet are at a reduced risk of getting common cold or flu. They may get shorter cold or milder symptoms compared to those that do not include sufficient amounts of Vitamin C in their regular diet. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system; hence, it vitalizes the body to fight against disease.

The Miracle of Vitamin C on Ageing Control

Vitamin c for the skin care
Beauty experts and Doctors recommend Vitamin C for the skin as it controls the aging process by maintaining a healthy skin and prohibiting the action of free radicals. It helps tone the skin and helps prevent it from sagging.

Some otherImportant Functions
  • It makes a protein called collagen that is a springy type of connective tissue used by the body to heal wounds, make skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessels.
  • It helps in making neurotransmitters that transmit feelings, commands, and thoughts to the brain through the nervous system.
  • It plays an important role in targeting serotonin. Hence, uplifts mood and maintain mental wellbeing.
  • It repairs scar tissues.
  • It prevents scurvy.
  • It repairs and maintains the strength of teeth, bones, joints, and cartilages.
  • It cures bleeding gums.
  • It heals wounds.
  • It helps the body to absorb iron from food.
  • It resolves digestive tract issues.
  • It lowers heart disease complications.
  • It lowers the risk of Cancer (4).

It is advised to consume raw vegetables and fruits in order to derive the best food value. Cooking, steaming, or microwaving may reduce the essential nutrients.

Herbal extracts from green vegetables and fruits are a source of many nutrients. Hence,they should be consumed regularly. Plan your diet in a way such that youfulfil all macro-nutrient and micro-nutrient requirements so as to maintain good health.


Anzen Exports’ blog posts are based just on our research from cited websites. To be best informed, we advise consulting a doctor about an ingredient or medicine prior to taking it.


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