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Halquinol – promoting better growth | Anzen Exports

September 29, 2022by Anzen_Exports0

Halquinol is a non-antibiotic antimicrobial mixture of chloro hydroxy quinolines. It has bacteriostatic, fungistatic, and antiprotozoal properties.

Its potent antimicrobial activity makes it a superior growth promoter in poultry and is effective against Streptococci, Staphylococci, Candida, Candida albicans, Shigella, and Trichomonads.

Halquinol – promoting better growth


Halquinol offers the following applications:

  • The primary function of Halquinol is to cure intestinal infectious diseases and to prevent feed mildew infection. It is the most approved promoter in fowl, pigs and other unique breeding animals.
  • It improves growth rate and feeds conversion efficiency.
  • It is active against fungi, gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, and protozoa.
  • It prevents and cures many types of diarrhoea.
  • The oral formulations are used in infectious diarrhoea, disorders of the intestinal microflora (e.g. after antibiotic treatment giardiasis, inflammatory bowel disease.
  • It is also helpful for dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis., as used in shampoos (Capitrol) and dermal creams like (Valpeda and Triaderm).

Halquinol – promoting better growth


Halquinol offers the following benefits:

  • It is unique anti-peristaltic activity to promote better absorption of nutrients
  • It is safe for target animals
  • It has no resistance development has been reported
  • It has no residues during the withdrawal period
  • It is a non-antibiotic feed additive


Halquinol is made up of a combination of chlorinated quinolin-8-ol derivatives. It comprises Chlorohydroxyquinoline (halquinol; 60% w/v), silicon dioxide (1.2% w/v), and chalk (calcium carbonate; up to 100% w/v).

For up to 10 days, pigs are given halquinol orally in their diet at a dosage inclusion rate ranging from 60 to 600 mg halquinol/kg feed (ppm). Average daily feed consumption of 4% body weight per day for pigs resulted in a dosage of 2.4 to 24 mg halquinol/kg bw.

Halquinol should be kept away from minimal dust generation and accumulation. Avoid coming in contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. It should be stored in a tightly closed container.

Side Effects

  • Side effects rarely occur, but sometimes, nausea and vomiting may occur on oral administration.
  • It may also cause skin irritation.
  • Avoid in cases of pregnancy and lactation.

In summary, Halquinol serves as a broad-spectrum medicine. It has wide acceptance in treating microbial infections both in humans and animals.

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