Pallet Cover /Box Bags

Made from woven Polypropylene / PP fabric, these bags are used as pallet covers, bale covers, shoe bags, mail bags to name a few.

Woven PP Fabric and Sheets

  • Applications: Wrapping of paper bundles Making bags on automatic cutting & stitching machines
  • Typical specifications: Weight: 55 to 300 gsm, Size: 21 to 150 cms

Clear Sheets (Translucent)

  • Polypropylene can be produced as a clear, transparent sheet with a nearly optically clear quality.
  • Custom Opaque Colours, Tints and Gauges are available.
  • Smooth: A shiny, completely smooth surface finish. Screen-printing or Offset printing on allows for superbly detailed graphics reproduction.
  • Matte: A slightly textured surface. Matte is the most popular finish for all products, compatible with screen-printing, foil stamping, and ultrasonic welding.
  • Applications: Used Clothing, Wrapping of paper rolls, paper bundles, steel coils, tyres, yarn cones etc.
  • Typical Specifications: Weight: 50 to 200 gsm ,Sizes: 21 to 200 cms


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