Made from tubular woven polypropylene fabric, ANZEN bags are reliable and sturdy for any kind of storage purpose. ANZEN sacks are made from heavy duty propylene fabric which makes them tear and puncture resistant. Being UV stabilized these bags last longer than ordinary sacks and thus proves to be a better choice even over burlap. These bags have multiple uses ranging from storage to erosion control, or used as a way to add stabilizing weight to the back of the cars and trucks on snow covered roads.

ANZEN Bags and Sacks are available in different sizes and can be customized. Few options available are bags with top heat, with hemmed top, with and without tie strings, with and without UV, with lamination or liners.

ANZEN sandbags are ideal for flooding and erosion control, or as a way to add stabilizing weight to the back of cars and trucks on icy or snow covered roads. ANZEN sandbags are made from heavy gauge polypropylene, which resists tearing and puncturing and UV stabilized to last longer in direct sunlight. ANZEN sandbags are heavy duty and strong to perform where ordinary burlap sandbags fail. Sandbags are a simple and effective way to prevent or reduce flood water damage. Properly filled and placed sandbags can act as a barrier to divert moving water around, instead of through, buildings and property. Sandbags are also used successfully to prevent overflow of streams with levees, and for training current flows to specific areas. Sandbags, when properly filled and placed, will redirect storm and debris flows away from property improvements. In comparison to others, ANZEN sandbags are made to last and can be reused for years.

Our Products

  • Woven PP Bags & Sacks
  • Woven PP Mailing Sacks
  • Green Waste Collection Bags / Kerb Side Sacks
  • Standard FIBC’s for varied use
  • Woven and Non Woven Geo textile
  • Ground Covers in Plain Black, Black & White with marker tapes or cross grids
  • Silt Fence in Black or Green & Black
  • Silt Fence with Marker tapes and Reinforcing Bands
  • PP Woven Fabrics for multiple uses

And many more customized products available

Products and Suggested Uses

Brief Description Suggested Uses
Woven PP Bags & Sacks (Unlaminated & Laminated) Packing fertilizers, feeds, grains, flours, salt, sugar, cement, seeds or any other palletized and powdered materials. Woven PP bags are also used in the construction, chemical, agricultural, mining and building materials industries.
Woven PP Mailing Sacks For the Post Offices for sorting and delivering mails
Green Waste Collection Bags / Kerb Side Sacks Developed after an in depth research in the market, these bags can be used for collection of dry or light wet waste products
PP/PE Growing Bags When filled soil these bags serve as temporary pots for growing plants. Being punctured they enable easy passage of water through them
LDPE Bags / PE Sacks These high quality bags can be used for packing animal feeds, aggregates etc.
Woven and Non Woven Geo Textile Soil separation, Stabilization and reinforcement, for paved and unpaved roadways
Ground Covers from 80 GSM to 120 GSM Helps to control soil erosion caused by wind
Geotextiles from 85 GSM to 240 GSM Used for preventing soil erosion & to enhance water movement
Silt Fence A temporary sediment barrier
Silt Fence A temporary sediment barrier
Standard FIBC’s These bags are the most economic & efficient way to transport loose, powdered and granular products.
PP Woven Fabrics Multiple uses


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