FIBC / Jumbo Bags

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container / Jumbo Bags (FIBC as they are more popularly referred to as) are becoming increasingly more popular for loose, powdered and granular products. We supply an innovative range of FIBC’s that make storage, transportation and distribution more cost effective and efficient.

Our reliable designs provide ease of use with forklifts or cranes. Free flowing fill and discharge systems minimize waste and maximise turnaround times.

We supply an innovative range of FIBC's standard as well as customised as per your requirements.

We are exporting food grade FIBC as per EFIBCA and LABORDATA and IIP standards.


CAPACITY : 500 kgs to 2000 Kgs SWL: upto 2000 kgs SAFETY FACTOR: 5:1 and 6:1

FABRICS : Woven Polypropylene UV Stabilised, Laminated or Un-laminated

CONSTRUCTION / DESIGN : Circular / U+2 (U Panel) / Tunnel Lift FIBC / Baffle FIBC / Asbestos FIBC / Sift Proof / Double Sift Proof / Triple Sift Proof / Tabbed Liner / Bottle Shape Liner FIBC

FILLING: Skirt Top, Duffle Top, Open Mouth, Top Conical, Inlet Spout with and without tie,

DISCHARGE / BOTTOM OPTIONS : Discharge spout with and without tie, conical bottom, Discharge spout with swan neck, Petal / Star / Irish Closure / Pyjama Protection

TYPES OF STITCHES : Herakle, Safety, Lock Stitch, Dust proof seams and Lock stitch.

PRINTING: up to 4 colour printing


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